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Nina and Sonja
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
That Son of a Bitch
Mood:  caffeinated

Do you ever wonder if your cat or dog actually pays attention to what you say?  Well, I can tell you that my parents' toy poodle, Winnie, pays attention to every word that comes out of our mouths.

When we are down the shore, there is an old man that walks down our street every morning.  He's hunched over, can barely move, and he's out there walking for his health.  It's actually admirable that he's active and committed.  So, every morning when he walks by Winnie goes crazy barking at him.  We think it is because she senses that he is old and weak and thinks she can take him.  And then I, as a joke, say to her, "That's right, Win.  Who does that son of a bitch think he is walking down your street?  You let him have it."

Yesterday, my mom and I were sitting in their winter house in the suburbs talking.  I forget what we were talking about, but I said something to the extent of "blah, blah, blah, son of a bitch."  Winnie jumped up and ran to the door barking.

The only thing that my mom and I could figure out was that she recognized the words "son of a bitch" meaning something that has to do with barking and she leapt to it.

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:17 AM EDT

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