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Nina and Sonja
Monday, 16 June 2008
Winnie Gets the Mail
Mood:  a-ok

I was home today and I saw the whole mail ritual.  It is very cute.  The little dog goes crazy over the mail and the mailman.  You should really see the ferocity that this 5 lb dog can bring to the table!

Posted by mattsarrel at 4:52 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 16 June 2008 5:05 PM EDT
Saturday, 7 June 2008
The New Food is Working!
Mood:  celebratory

Oh yeah!  If you ever want to be proud of your cat, just feed him or her some high fiber food.  I now need a bulldozer or a back hoe to empty the litterbox.  It is unreal.  I thought I was proud of them before, but now it's almost mesmerizing.  And they go in the litterbox and they're there for a long time, like they know that this is a monstrous job.

Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to say "big job" refering to making a big doodie.  

I'm almost wondering how far I can push this.  Can I keep upping the fiber?  What if I sprinkle some flax seed on their high fiber food?  Will I someday take the cover off the litter box and find a doodie in there that's bigger than one of mine?  Realistically, I think that might be too much for Nina and Sonja.  There's a difference between pride and torture - there's no need to tear them asunder. 

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:04 PM EDT
Tuesday, 3 June 2008
BIG Results From Changing Food
Mood:  happy

I recently changed Nina and Sonja's food to Iams Indoor (weight loss and hair ball care).  I wanted to do this because it is getting warmer and the girls are shedding so I'm afraid of hairballs.  Notice that my last statement completely dodged the weight loss component of the food.

Increasing their fiber has really made a big change around here.  I now need a bulldozer to empty the litter box.  Production is up and size is truely noteworthy.  I mean, now we're talking.  I/we should have made the change to high fiber food a long time ago. 

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:00 AM EDT
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
First Flip Video Uploaded to YouTube
The new Flip camera came today.  It's really easy to use, I think.  Check out this video on YouTube.

Posted by mattsarrel at 12:55 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 April 2008 12:57 PM EDT
Friday, 18 April 2008
Cute Youtube Cat Video

Carol sent me this link.  These guys remind me a little of myself.  Their cats are cute, but Nina and Sonja are cuter.  Nina and I can play the let's ignore each other game for days.  I'm usually forced to acknowledge her after she trips me.



Posted by mattsarrel at 11:53 PM EDT
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
A Catty Bag

The other night I went out to dinner to a place called Quality Meats in midtown Manhattan.  The steak was OK.  Nothing special, except it was priced like it was something special.  But that's not the point of my entry.

At the end of the meal I asked if I could take the bone home for the cat.  The waiter looked at me like I was crazy and said, "That's a first.  No one has ever asked for a bone for the cat before."

What the hell?  Don't cats eat beef?  What's wrong with these people?  At this point the cats are much bigger eaters than any dog in my life.  

I did bring the bone home and Nina did gnaw on it for a little while. 

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:29 PM EDT
Thursday, 27 March 2008
Caught Redhanded

Ah-hah!  I installed a home security system a few months ago so I can watch Nina and Sonja while I'm traveling.  I just logged in and they are BOTH on the couch.  Fortunately I covered it with a sheet before I left.  Why are cats only happy when they know that they are doing something that they shouldn't be doing?

Posted by mattsarrel at 1:19 AM EDT
Tuesday, 25 March 2008
Shocking News About Nina and Sonja
Mood:  energetic

Last night I was looking through some old papers and I found Nina and Sonja's adoption papers.  It turns out that Nina is really named Paulette and Sonja is really named Mary.  Those are some pretty sucky names.  I'm glad I didn't stick with those. 

Do you think they look like Paulette and Mary or Nina and Sonja?  To me they couldn't be anything other than Nina and Sonja.   

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:41 AM EDT
Monday, 10 March 2008
Many Sweet Returns
Mood:  a-ok

I returned from a 5 day trip to the Bay Area last night.  Nina, Sonja, and I have fallen into a travel routine.

First, when I'm getting ready to leave, they see the suitcase and freak out.  They start running around my apartment.  Then they want attention.  Then maybe one of them will jump in the suit case.  They also know that I'm going to feed them right before I leave so when I zip up the suitcase and leave my room, Nina runs over to her food dish and Sonja sits gazing wistfully at me from her pizza box.  

While I'm gone, my security system lets me log in over the web and watch them and check food and water levels.  Sometimes I catch that rat Sonja on the couch.

When I return the same thing always happens.  Sonja comes running up to me and sniffs me.  Then she starts rubbing against me and purring.  Every time our eyes meet she meows.  I can almost hear her saying, "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I missed you.  Please pet me."

On the other hand, Nina hides under the bed no matter how many times I call her.  When food is introduced, meaning that I eat my meal or call her for hers, she comes running, but won't let me pet her.  After she eats, she runs away again.  Then, I lay down in bed to go to sleep and she jumps up on the bed but still sort of stays away from me.  I fall asleep.  At some point during the night I wake up with her laying on my chest purring.  My theory is that she's mad at me for leaving her.

The morning after I come home is a veritable orgy of petting.  My alarm goes off and the two cats rub up against me and climb all over me.  I pet them and they purr.  Everyone's happy! 

Posted by mattsarrel at 9:25 AM EDT
Friday, 15 February 2008
Clumsy Cat
Mood:  caffeinated

I don't know how cats have a reputation for being graceful.  I've seen a lot of cats in my day and yes, many of them can do some very cool things like walk on top of a fence or balance on top of a chair.  I think they stop being graceful when they become obese.

These past few days have been pretty awkward for Nina.  First she jumpedup on the kitchen table and I shooed her off.  She jumped up onto the windowsill which I had been using as a shelf and sent my PocketPC and a bunch of CD's crashing to the ground.  There was a lot of noise.

Then yesterday she somehow managed to figure out how to turn my computer off.  She was laying on my desk as usual, and I got up to go out.  When I returned she was laying across my keyboard.  I thought that was very cute.  And then a few minutes later I saw my computer rebooting.  What the hell did she do?  Did she somehow manage to push ctrl-alt-delete?

We are not setting new standards for gracefulness here. 

Posted by mattsarrel at 10:07 AM EST

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